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 ====== Welcome to the Map-Forge Wiki! ====== ====== Welcome to the Map-Forge Wiki! ======
-It's still under construction, but //you// can help build it!+This wiki is a place for Jedi Outcast/Jedi Academy modders to share their knowledge.
-  * [[tutorials:index|Tutorial list]] +It's still under construction, but //you// can help build it! Just register [[http://map-forge.net/forums/|on the forums]] and join the [[http://map-forge.net/forums/memberlist.php?g=9&mode=group|Wiki editor group]]. 
-  * [[JKJA: engine infos|JKJA Engine Information Index]] + 
-  * [[fileformats:index|File Formats]]+  * [[tutorials:index|Tutorial list]] - various modding tutorials 
 +  * [[JKJA: engine infos|JKJA Engine Information]] 
 +  * [[fileformats:index|File Formats]] - information on the various file formats used by Jedi Academy/Jedi Outcast
   * [[wiki:contributing|How to contribute - wiki editing tutorial]]   * [[wiki:contributing|How to contribute - wiki editing tutorial]]
   * [[wiki:syntax|Formatting Syntax]]   * [[wiki:syntax|Formatting Syntax]]
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