List of Tutorials

This is a list of the tutorials we have, feel free to write more!

Getting started


Compiling with Q3Map2Build

Q3map2 basics

Resolving compile problems

Textures and Shaders

World editing / Mapping

Creating an Activatable Security Cam

Clipper Tool

Door with switch

Curves and Patches

Elevator with switch

Different kinds of doors


Rounded rooms + windows

Rain, snow and other weather effects

Swinging doors




Func_* brushes general (limits, tricks )

Advanced Mapping

Horizon Blending

Performance optmizing, Area-Portals

Performance optmizing, Hint-Portals

Performance optmizing, Anti-Portals

Terrain Techniques

Detail/Structural brushes

Clipper tool

Visibility / map leaked

A thorough look at VIS

Advanced Patch Tecniques

NPC control, scripting, cutscenes, menu coding

Behaved installation and set up

Icarus manual

NPC Respawns When Killed

Moving brushes with script

Basic NPC control

Ingame password control with script

Menu coding basics

Menu coding advanced

Creating new NPC's

Cutscenes, camera mode

Cutscenes, moving camera

Cutscenes, NPC's as actors

NPC's - attack waves

Menu coding, strings

Multiplayer tutorials

Bot support

Force tricks

ARENA file

Player modelling, model skins, weapons, effects

Complete list of all included models

Animated models

Effect editing

Selfmade skins

Selfmade saber hilts

Selfmade playermodels

Vehicles without animation

Vehicles with animation


Basic lighting

Light flares

Entity Suns

Sound and Music

Target speaker

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