How to contribute - wiki editing tutorial

So you want to share your knowledge to help others? That's great! But you need to know how.

Editing a page

The easiest change to make is improving an existing page. You just click the “Edit this page” (provided you're in the editor group - simply request membership) and type away. The editor has buttons for the most used tasks like creating links, headings or bold text. Check the Formatting Syntax Page for more.

Creating a new page

To create a new page, you simply create a link to a non-existing page and click it. But please try and put it in the right namespace, see the rules regarding namespace links.

Tutorial guidelines

When writing a tutorial there are a couple of guidelines you should follow to keep them coherent and useful:


Use headings to structure your tutorial. You also get a nice table of content by doing so! This is the basic structure, though certain tutorials might not fit in there. (These are guidelines, not rules.)

====== Premise ======

===== Goal =====
What will you accomplish in this tutorial?

===== Requirements =====
What other tutorials should the user have read first? What tools will he need?

====== Step 1 ======

===== Substep 1 =====


====== Appendix ======
Downloads, credits etc.



If you use any placeholders - for a targetnames, for example - make them italic.

pick a nice name for the target_navgoal, I'll use //navname//

pick a nice name for the target_navgoal, I'll use navname

Entity settings

Use a table for the entity settings:

key value
targetname npc_name
angle -1

You could also use a table for the spawnflags:

| [ ] x           | [ ] x         | [ ] x        | [ ] x            |
| [ ] droptofloor | [x] cinematix | [ ] notsolid | [ ] startinsolid |
| [ ] shy         | [ ] safe      |              |                  |
[ ] x [ ] x [ ] x [ ] x
[ ] droptofloor [x] cinematix [ ] notsolid [ ] startinsolid
[ ] shy [ ] safe

But you might as well say something like: “Tick the nonsolid checkbox.” Or include a screenshot, though being able to select text and copy it is quite useful and you can't highlight placeholders as easily in a screenshot.


Pictures are very helpful and make it easier to explain things. But don´t insert a picture which shows the whole desktop with other unnecessary windows and programs. For example, if you want to show the relations of some entities then make a small tutorial-map where only the important things are showed (in this case the entities). Keep it simple! Also use compressed .png as file format since .jpg images don´t look very good.


For buttons in user interfaces like the mapeditor use a a small picture of it:


If there are any buttons on the keyboard which have to be pressed then just say something like “Press N to open the entity menu.”.

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